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Digital Alchemist, and Odd History Detective

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Navy Yard Arts

The Grand Review is a delightfully offbeat digital restoration house and mostly online print shop.  We are forever searching for undeservedly obscure historic ephemera with outstanding, engaging visual appeal, acquiring them, and hurling them into a gargantuan inbox.  From time to time, in a flurry of too much coffee, we digitally restore a double handful, sometimes entirely rebuild and rethink them, pursuant to truly handsome output as framable wall prints.

Look on Etsy for our online catalog, TheGrandReview.  While there, find the goddam elusive back story printed with each entry, which is half the fun.

We need someone always comically hungry for historical details, the quirkier the better, and who has the Photoshop skills to and the drive to get a kick out of bringing each of these characters and moments back to new life, to be reintroduced to today's popular culture.

Ultimately, we are seeking someone to take over much this well established business, as groove junior partner.  Someone unafraid to laugh, who loves kooky music, who is drama free in all things, and wants to know absolutely everything there is to know before he or she dies.

This should ring a clear, crisp bell for someone.  Work hard, and dare to have fun!

WITH THE SUDDEN DISASTER AT UARTS, I thought this was a good time to finally post this.  Perhaps a suddenly less employed graphic design / digital design teacher with a still bright eyed outlook will see this.  No swings, no hits!


***NOTE, we are listing this under the umbrella of The Navy Yard Arts, as at present, The Grand Review is the sole funding source for The NYA***


NOTE, on salary.  It really is the sky's the limit.  We work well, and steadily, and clevery together, this print shop should finally take off like the rocket that a decade of health trouble kept it from.  All health disasters now triumphed over, much to the amazement of all.  I tossed 150 into the bar because it demanded SOMETHING.

I can engage someone part time just for the digital restoration, and working together in that manner at first might be the way to go.  Open to dialog.

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From HS Diploma, some college / university to a dozen degrees
To Apply

Please send an upbeat, not stodgy missive to Todd Kimmell

We are easy to talk to, here.  Currently located in an ancient manse in Overbrook Farms, moving the operation to either the Navy Yard or over the bridge to the Collingswood / Audubon, New Jersey area, sometime this summer.

Vet me on Instagram and Facebook.  Easy to read.  Love wins.  Love rules!