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Equitable Hiring Resource Bank

With Support From the Philadelphia Foundation

The Equitable Hiring Resource Bank was built with the support of the Philadelphia Foundation to provide access to best practices in equitable hiring for employers in our community. The Equitable Hiring Resource Bank is organized by stages in the employment process and will be updated periodically to evolve alongside workforce procedures. While these resources are intended for employers to find relevant materials for any aspect of diverse and equitable employment, getting intentional about the holistic process, determining your “why’s" and setting some goals will help to enhance your overall success in becoming an equitable organization. Once organizations know "Where to Begin and How to Impact Real Change," lasting improvements in equity can take hold.   


Equitable Hiring Resource Bank:


If you’ve attended a Cultural Alliance training or event and want a second look at those materials, or would like to help shape the work we do: 


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Last updated on 8/26/21

The Equitable Resource Hiring Bank is supported by the Philadelphia Foundation

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