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Creative Youth Development

Greater Philadelphia's leading arts internship program

The goal of the Creative Youth Development department is to strengthen the patronage of arts and culture through the building of programming dedicated to the advancement of young people. This is done through in-depth self-reflection with member organizations to determine the ideal programmatic components to ensure success for the organization and the youth who attend.

Current Programming

Bloomberg Arts Internship Program

Through a significant grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is able to offer the Bloomberg Arts Internship programs. The Bloomberg Arts Internship - Summer program (BAI) and Bloomberg Arts Internship - School Year program (BAISY) offers rising high school seniors paid internship experiences at arts and culture organizations across the Greater Philadelphia region.

Throughout the BAI and BAISY programs, interns’ work should is greatly influenced by the ability to meet one, if not all, of the following Bloomberg Arts Internship program/ education Goals:

  • Post-Secondary Readiness - interns learn the skills needed to move seamlessly from high school into a post-secondary learning environment or career

  • Self-Advocacy - interns are able to speak confidently and professionally regarding what they need in order to be successful

  • Self-Actualization - interns are able to recognize how their work will help them reach their full potential

  • Public Speaking - interns are able to speak confidently to a varied audience

Bloomberg Arts Internship -- Summer (BAI)

The Bloomberg Arts Internship - Summer 2023 is an eight-week intensive program running from June 26, 2023 - August 11, 2023 connecting rising high school seniors with arts and culture organizations in Greater Philadelphia to provide valuable, paid internship opportunities to high school juniors.



Bloomberg Arts Internship - School Year (BAISY) 

The Bloomberg Arts Internship - School Year 23-24 program is a school-year-long, paid internship experience in which up to 10 interns (per cycle) from BAI23 continue their work with select worksites. Starting around the second week of October 2023 and running through mid-May 2024, BAISY 23-24 allows interns to work up to 8 hours per week, which includes professional development opportunities that align with the four program pillars.

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The Bloomberg Arts Internship is generously sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies.