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The Bloomberg Arts Internship

Cultural Immersion | Professional Development | College Readiness


Applications for the 2021 internship will become available in January.

If you have any questions about the 2021 Bloomberg Arts Internship, please contact Tom Bonner at 


Learn more about the Bloomberg Arts Internship...

This is Philadelphia's Bloomberg Arts Internship. It’s a one-of-a-kind eight-week summer internship for rising high school seniors) attending a Philadelphia public school or public charter. Spend your summer with Bloomberg to build your resume, prepare for your college application process, and be fully immersed in the city's amazing arts and culture scene. Every year, the Cultural Alliance partners with more than two dozen organizations across Philadelphia to provide paid internship experiences. Some of our past worksite partners have included the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Arden Theatre Company, the Penn Museum, and many, many more.

This is an amazing opportunity to develop vital professional skills, explore Philadelphia’s rich arts and culture community and develop the perfect college application.

There’s more to arts and culture in Philadelphia than you know. Bloomberg Arts Interns get behind-the-scenes access to the inner workings of many of the city’s most iconic cultural institutions and participate in vital conversations about what makes the sector tick. A Bloomberg Arts Internship is more than a summer job, it’s a window into a whole world of professional opportunities.

A Different Kind of Internship.


In 2020, it was more vital than ever that the Bloomberg Arts Internship be available to provide meaningful professional development and cultural immersion opportunities, despite the challenges presented by the global health crisis. The Cultural Alliance moved all programming online, provided technology resources to interns as needed, and expanded collaborations with Philadelphia's cultural institutions. Through these efforts, we placed interns at 15 worksites in and around Philadelphia as virtual interns.

In the worksite experience, interns are active participants in the running of their organizations, supporting both the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit, as well as executing on a capstone project. In the past, interns have created and led tours produced original videos, and  helped develop major exhibitions. Traditionally, the cohort spends Thursdays visitig iconic cultural sites across the city, hearing directly from leaders in the sector and getting a behind-the-scenes look at what makes a world-class arts and culture institution tick. In 2020, we did in depth research on a variety of organizations, hosted panel discussions, went on virtual tours and "attended" streaming performances. On Fridays, interns come together for challenging and engaging professional development and college readiness workshops, where they develop vital skills to carry them forward in their educational and professional lives.

The Bloomberg Arts Internship creates new audiences, builds lifelong advocates for arts organizations in Philadelphia, and provides a workforce development pipeline to sustain the sector. 

After participating in the Bloomberg Arts Internship...

100% of interns reported that they are more likely to attend arts and culture events

98% reported that they are more likely to advocate for the arts in their schools and communities

90% reported that they are more likely to study the arts and/or arts administration in college

82% said that they are more likely to pursue a career in the arts and culture sector as a result of their internship experience.



Questions? Contact Tom W Bonner, Grant Manager, at