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Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

With support from the Philadelphia Funder’s Collaborative for the Semiquincentennial, Al Bustan is embarking on the planning phases of The Philly Arab History Project. PAHP is a public history project that will use archival research and oral history to collect and document the various and collective histories of Arab immigrants to Philadelphia. The project will conclude with a public sharing of these histories through a series of arts programming and events.  We are looking for a Research Associate to lead the archival and document-based research phase of this project. The Research Associate will work mostly independently with occasional collaboration with Al Bustan staff.   

Rooted in Arab arts and culture, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture offers artistic and educational programming that enriches understanding and celebrates diversity, while supporting the pursuit and affirmation of Arab American cultural identity and playing a constructive civic role within broader American society.  

Central questions of the project:  

  • Who were the Arabs that came to Philadelphia at the end of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century?  
  • What brought them here?  
  • What were their work and social lives like?   
  • What was the cultural production that they participated in?  
  • How did they contribute to the shaping of this city?  

Responsibilities will include:  

  • Developing and implementing a research plan in collaboration with Al Bustan staff  
  • Collecting and organizing relevant data about early Arab immigrants to Philadelphia (this can range from names, addresses, occupations, migratory routes, living conditions, connections to present day, etc.) using identified databases and websites  
  • Checking in regularly with Al Bustan project committee to share research and findings  
  • Compose a thorough and comprehensive report of findings from research at the conclusion of contract.   
  • Help compose a timeline of Arab immigration to Philadelphia.   
  • Research to be completed by Fall 2024  


  • Academic or research background in history, ethnography, Arabic studies, or social sciences   
  • Experience in archival research   
  • Ability to read and write Arabic required  


  • The research associate will receive a stipend of $2000  
To Apply

Please send your cover letter, resume, and any other materials to with your full name in the subject line.