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Open Call for Art on the Parkway

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Association for Public Art

Open Call for Art on the Parkway, co-organized by the Association for Public Art (aPA) and the Parkway Council, in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PPR), invites artists, designers, and other creatives to propose a temporary public art installation in Maja Park on Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway as part of the annual summer Oval festival. Proposals are asked to explore the ways in which art can help create and define a sense of place.

While the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is one of Philadelphia’s grandest civic spaces with a rich array of art and architecture—including many sculptures commissioned and maintained by the Association for Public Art—it has not reached its full potential as a public space. This year a coalition of organizations led by the Parkway Council along with city partners at Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability are advancing a conceptual master plan for the Parkway that envisions its future as a great urban park. 

This competition invites proposals that both celebrate the Parkway’s historic built environment and explore its future as a more inclusive and vibrant public space for all Philadelphians. Proposals must be durable and suitable for display in a public park open to the elements. The temporary installation will open on approximately August 1st and be on view through October 28, 2024. 

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  • Applications will be accepted from individuals, collectives, or teams including artists and other creatives twenty-one years and older.
  • Entrants who live or work in the Philadelphia metro area are eligible to apply.
  • Students are not eligible to apply.
  • While no specific professional credential is required, applicants must demonstrate their qualifications and ability to execute a public project of this scale in an outdoor environment.


Apply here.

Applicants will be asked to share their contact information and a project title. If you are applying as a team, please include the names and emails for each team member and identify one team member as the Lead Contact.

Applicants must submit a project proposal of up to 300 words that clearly describes the project, materials, and approximate dimensions. The proposal should also explain how the work explores a sense of place, and its relationship to the site on the Parkway. Applicants must also submit between one (1) and three (3) conceptual project proposal design sketches as digital images. Each image should be its own PDF (72 dpi and 1200 pixels) and then combined as a single PDF document and submitted.Proposals must demonstrate feasibility and include a breakdown of project expenses within the $15,000 project budget.

The résumé /CV should include information about your education; professional experience; exhibition history (if applicable); awards, grants, and residencies; experience in realizing artwork in the public realm; and other relevant information. Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate their ability to realize their project proposal based on prior experiences.Please also provide the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of three people who are familiar with your work. If you are applying as a team, a résumé/CV and references must be submitted for each applicant.

Submit up to six (6) digital images of recent work saved as a PDF (72 dpi and 1200 pixels). Each image should be its own PDF and then combined as a single PDF document and submitted. These images are in addition to the images submitted as part of the project proposal. Recent works may be realized or proposed projects in any medium. Include descriptive text for each image on the PDF, including, title, date, dimensions, medium, and location.