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Statement from our President & CEO and resources for those affected by the University of the Arts closure

It’s very concerning to see the imminent closure of the University of the Arts, a pillar of our cultural community that has uplifted so many renowned artists and musicians since its founding in 1870. Unfortunately, UArts has not been immune to the changing dynamics of higher education that have jeopardized the financial sustainability of many institutions.

Arts students and art education are crucial to the pipeline of creative workers who generate the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. UArts students have chosen Philadelphia and our diverse cultural community for their education and we hope they will consider continuing their studies at one of the other premier art and design programs in the region. We applaud Drexel University, Temple University, and Moore College of Art & Design for already raising their hands to support these students. Find resources from these universities below. 


Patricia Wilson Aden
President & CEO
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance