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Renew Membership

Thank you for your support and membership with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. As you may know, the Cultural Alliance works to increase awareness of and support for the cultural sector, and leverages that support to increase art and culture's role in the broader community and regional public policy.

The Cultural Alliance is committed to helping you thrive and grow. In addition to our role as an advocate for the cultural sector, we also offer our members an array of benefits designed to help you connect with peers, save money, increase revenues, and increase your visibility.


Our new membership year began on July 1, 2017.  If you have not yet renewed your membership, complete the online renewal form today!

The online renewal form calculates membership dues based upon your total operating expenses and gives you the option to pay online with a credit card or print an invoice and send a check in the mail. We suggest you have your staff list and your most recent operating budget available to complete the form.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to ADD new staff members or REMOVE staff members that are no longer with your organization, you will need to do that from the “Organization Contacts” section BEFORE starting the membership renewal form. You can access “Organization Contacts” by going to “Login” at the top of any page on if you are not already logged in, then “My account” at the top of any page on Once on the “My account” page, scroll down to the “Organization Contacts” section. (Please note: only users who are assigned the Executive Officer or Member Representative codes have the ability to make updates. Please contact for questions or assistance.)

Online renewal is temporarily offline. Please check back again in a few days.

  1. Use this link to log in using your email address and password. (If you don’t remember your password, click "Forgot your password?" and you will receive an email to reset your password.)
  2. Once you log in, be sure to have selected the organization you wish to renew membership for on your dashboard.
  3. Then scroll down to the "Membership" section of the dashboard and click the "renew" link.
  4. Complete all pages and don’t forget to click "Submit Application" on the last page.
  5. After renewing, you'll be redirected to your dashboard once more.  Make sure to update your staff list so that our database is accurate.

If you are unable to access the online form or have any questions about the renewal process, please contact or call (215) 557-7811 and select option 5.

Membership dues are calculated based on your organization's annual operating expenses (nonprofits) or annual revenues (for-profits).

Expense/Revenue Category Membership Dues
< $119,999 $153
$120,000-$1,078,999 Budget x .00129
$1,079,000-$2,999,999 $1,400
$3,000,000-$4,999,999 $1,505
$5,000,000-$7,499,999 $1,885
$7,500,000-$9,999,999 $2,255
$10,000,000-$12,499,999 $2,640
$12,500,000-$14,999,999 $3,020
$15,000,000-$19,999,999 $3,760
$20,000,000-$24,999,999 $4,790
$25,000,000+ $5,985