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The PA Arts & Culture Recovery Grant awards $15 million statewide

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We are excited to share that in a special meeting on December 19, the Commonwealth Finance Authority (CFA) approved $15 million in allocations for arts and culture organizations and creative professionals across the state through the PA Arts & Culture Recovery Grant program. Over $6 million of the funds were awarded in the southeastern region of the state. The long-awaited award decisions will bring critical financial assistance to cultural organizations and creative workers in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties as they continue to recover from the lingering impacts of the COVID pandemic.

We are thrilled to announce that the Cultural Alliance was awarded $495,000 in regranting funds. The grant funds will supplement the services the Cultural Alliance provides to help our region’s creative sector thrive. Look for more information on this funding opportunity in the coming weeks.

A list of all the approved grants is available now. These grants were extremely competitive. Over $80 million in requests were received from 443 applicants for this $15 million allocation. We know that the needs of arts and culture organizations across the state are high—and these numbers prove it.

Our collective activism has the power to make a difference! We are deeply grateful to the members of our community who mobilized in recent weeks to contact elected officials to stress the significance of the PA Arts & Culture Recovery Grant funding. We are heartened to see this infusion of resources into the state’s vibrant arts and culture organizations.

Our advocacy work must continue. Based on the volume of requests for this grant cycle, we know there is a strong demand for continued, stable funding. We look forward to Governor Josh Shapiro’s budget announcement in February 2024 and hope that he will further the investment in Pennsylvania’s cultural community, where the effects will be felt right here in the Greater Philadelphia region.