Arts Funding by Philadelphia and Some Peer Cities Updated (2013)

How does Philadelphia compare to other cities in funding the arts? (Updated for 2013)

New Mobile App Aims to Help Plan Bike Lanes

Download the app, record your biking patterns, and help plan bike lanes!

Drexel University Hosts Renowned Researcher Alan Brown - April 28th

Join Drexel University’s Arts Administration Graduate Program in conjunction with Drexel's Arts Administration Graduate Association on April 28th for “Building Demand for the Arts: An Evening with Renowned Researcher Alan Brown.”

Make sure your Organization is in Portfolio 2014

The Cultural Alliance is beginning to work on the fourth edition of Portfolio, our highly regarded research report that sets out to document the breadth, diversity, and health of Southeastern Pennsylvania's nonprofit cultural sector and we want to be sure that you are included.

2013 Salary & Benefits Report

The 2013 Cultural Alliance Salary & Benefits Report is the first cultural compensation study in the Greater Philadelphia region in over a decade. Working with Gallagher Benefits Services, the Alliance surveyed 145 cultural nonprofits in the region, getting detailed information on compensation, benefits, and overall business confidence.

Theatre Facts 2012: Nonprofit theatres contributed nearly $2 billion to the US economy

A new report by the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) shows that the nonprofit theatre industry contributes nearly $2 billion to the US economy and attracts almost 37 million attendees. Theatre Facts 2012, an in-depth report that examines the attendance, performance and overall fiscal state of the nonprofit professional theatre industry, finds that theatre is on an upward trajectory and is rebounding from the belt-tightening of the recession. 


The Future of Music Coalition, the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center and Fractured Atlas are conducting a survey of US-based artists about their access to health insurance.

Boston Arts Advocate Cites Cultural Alliance Research

Philip W. Lovejoy of the Boston Center for the Arts had an opinion piece in yesterday's Boston Globe calling on the city of Boston to "invest more fully in artistic community" and to do more to retain artists and cultural administrators. 

2013 Salary & Benefits Survey

The deadline for the Alliance's Salary and Benefits Study for arts and cultural organizations in the region has been extended until July 26! Salary and benefits information is one of our most common research requests by our members. The survey is being conducted in partnership with Gallagher Benefits.

Only participating organizations will have full access to the findings.

Arts, Culture & Economic Prosperity in Greater Philadelphia (2012)

Philadelphia’s arts and cultural sector has a profound $3.3 billion impact on the region’s economy and is outperforming the nation as a whole.  The Arts, Culture and Economic Prosperity in Greater Philadelphia report details how spending by cultural organizations and their audiences ripples through the economy, generating revenues for businesses, families and local governments. Click here to download the full report.

Highlights of the report: