Cultural Alliance New Year's Resolutions for 2015

We have big plans this year! Here are just a few.

2014 Patron Loyalty Study

The 2014 Patron Loyalty Study: Loyalty By the Numbers, examines the financial transactions (including tickets, memberships and donations) of almost a million Greater Philadelphia households, using seven years of data from 17 major cultural attractions in the region. One of the key findings of the report is that, despite the sector’s focus on developing new audiences, the erosion of current audience loyalty represents one of the most significant financial risk for cultural groups.

The study found that less than 3% of patrons generated over 62% of total patron revenue. However, spending by this small but powerful group of patrons declined12 % throughout the study, driven by a decline in primarily donor activity/revenue.

How Can Arts Organizations Expand Their Audiences?

Recently, our friends at The Wallace Foundation released two very interesting reports that give insight into building arts audiences.Two Cultural Alliance members, Fleisher Art Memorial and The Clay Studio, are highlighted in this report.

2014 Portfolio

The 2014 Portfolio is the Cultural Alliance’s largest analysis of the sector to date, covering the activities of 473 cultural groups in the most recent fiscal year and trend data from 298 organizations covering 2009 to 2012.

CDP Announces Simplified Data Profile

Starting in November, the Cultural Data Project will introduce the new CDP Data Profile Filters, a major step forward in simplifying the creation of your CDP Data profile. The vast majority of CDP participants will see the number of questions reduced by almost a third, and some will even see the number of questions cut in half.

Philly To Bring Bike Sharing To a Neighborhood Near You

Philly once again has its finger on the pulse of a new and exciting program. Earlier this year City Council passed a bill to allow bike sharing to come to Philadelphia and the city of Philadelphia agreed to work with the Bicycle Transit System to assure the delivery of a bicycle sharing system. Now, you can help decide where the best bike sharing stations should be located!

STAMP Participants and Arts & Cultural Participation (2014)

STAMP: The Virigina and Harvey Kimmel Family Teen Program, offers Philadelphia youth ages 14-19 the opportunity to attend 12 partner museums free of charge by signging up for a STAMP Pass. In the first year of the program, STAMP had 9,200 sign-ups as of May 2014. Of these participating teens, 48% are African American, 16% are Latino, and 41 % come from economically disadvantaged households. Additionally, 75% come from underserved communities that have very low or low arts participation.

Arts & Cultural Participation in Greater Philadelphia (2013)

Arts and Cultural participation data is based on analysis of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance's Audience Analytics program, a database of over 1.4 million households collected from over 150 organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region. The attached map shows the level of arts and cultural participation in Greater Philadelphia by county and zipcode boundaries.

History Organizations in Philadelphia & Other Major Cities (2013)

Not surprisingly, as the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia's rich historical tradition is reflected in its cultural organizations. The region ranks near the top of all Metro areas when it comes to the number of history organizations, number per capita, and in the percentage of all arts & cultural organizations that are history organizations. Using data from the National Center for Charitable Statistics, the attachment looks at historical organizations and their place within the larger cultural communities in 20 Metro areas across the country.

Number of Arts & Cultural Organizations in Greater Philadelphia (2012)

Q: How many arts & cultural organizations are there in the region?