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Arts & Culture for Racial Justice Statement

June 8, 2020

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance stands in solidarity with all persons who seek justice and equity stating unequivocally: Black Lives Matter. Arts and culture is intersectional and as a sector, it is our responsibility to stand up for - and stand with - Black and Brown people, advocating for their rights...their dignity...and their lives. 

In this deeply painful time for our nation, our region and our city; we recognize the history and complexities of systemic racism exists within our own sector. While many members of the Alliance work diligently and passionately to address societal issues, including race, we know there is more we must do. It is incumbent upon all of us to better live up to the values of equity, access, inclusion, and equality that we so often speak to in our mission statements.

Arts and culture have long helped to heal and unite us during painful, fractured times. The Cultural Alliance remains committed to being a partner and agent of change in the pursuit of social justice, amplifying the diverse voices and talents of our community to ensure that they are not only heard but truly seen.  We stand as an ally and advocate for change.

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