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Support the Carpenters’ Hall Recovery Fund

“Together, we can get through anything”

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As the site of the First Continental Congress, Carpenters’ Hall has withstood centuries of historic change, but even our most venerable historic sites are vulnerable to the ravages of vandalism and fire.  On Christmas Eve, the National Historic Landmark was broken into and a fire was started in the basement. Although the fire was contained in the basement, the basement and its contents suffered extensive damage. The tragedy is all the more disheartening as Carpenters’ Hall was weeks away from reopening after the completion of a $3 million preservation project.  While insurance will cover much of the destruction, the building will require extensive security improvements to protect its treasured collections and prevent another tragedy in the future. 

Our cultural community is often characterized as resilient and generous.  Our collective goodwill and fortitude have brought us through many crises.  Now, these characteristics will be crucial to the recovery of Carpenters’ Hall. 

We urge your support of The Carpenters’ Company fundraising campaign to improve Carpenters’ Hall’s security systems. Your generosity will help purchase new security cameras, fireproof archival storage, and other environmental protections.

As we look towards the 250th anniversary of the First Continental Congress in 2024, it is more vital than ever that Carpenters’ Hall continues its long legacy as a meeting place for the community and a civic forum.  You can lend assistance by spreading word of the campaign to your network and by making a personal donation.

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