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The Cultural Alliance is working to provide its members and the arts and culture community with updates, news and resources regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have any resources you’d like to share, please email

Announcing the COVID-19 Arts Aid PHL relief fund

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Remote Work Resources:

  • Check with your phone company to see if phone calls can be easily forwarded
  • Check with your employees ahead of time and determine what technology/resources might be needed in the event that some/all staff need to work remotely
  • Consider adopting communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams that allow for teams to communicate easily and quickly remotely. Slack offers a nonprofit discount for teams under 250 people.
  • Develop a list of items that you will need access to if you are working remotely, like blank checks, donor packets, marketing materials, etc.
  • If your organization does not currently have remote computer access and needs help setting this up, please contact Evan Hollander at Infinity Computer Solutions at 610-446-4550 to discuss the best options for your organization. (If you engage them to implement a solution, there will be a fee for services).
  • Tech Soup has a blog post with remote working resources
  •, Software to help remove bias from the hiring process. 
    A special message from CEO, Melissa Dobbins:
    “Normally we focus on our mission to reduce bias with the value of driving diversity and saving time and money. But, in these times we are doing what we can to help support organizations through COVID. We want to make sure that any organization who needs, our anonymous and remote candidate screening platform, can afford it – independent of their current financial situation or budget cycle. Every organization needs the ability to screen candidates remotely for the safety of their team and the health of their business.”

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