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The Bloomberg Arts Internship Application Guide

This guide has been created to help you prepare to complete the 2020 Bloomberg Arts Internship application. Many of the most important application prompts, including the essay questions, are available in the guide. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with interviews to be held in March and April. Only current juniors attending a Philadelphia public school (or public charter) are eligible to apply for the Bloomberg Arts Internship. The deadline to submit your application is March 15.

The 2020 internship application has seven (7) sections, plus the opportunity to indicate your interest in the Arts Leadership Intensive.

  • Basic contact and demographic information
  • Self-assessment of skills
  • 3 writing prompts: "Interest in the program"; "Arts Experiences"; "Collaborations"
  • Artistic work sample (optional)
  • Academic records
  • 2 survey questions
  • References
  • + Arts Leadership Intensive

Basic Information

This section will as for your name, contact information, address and demographic information.

Personal skills and interest assessment

This section will ask you to rank your skill level and interest across a number of areas related to workplace and technical skills, and artistic skill and interest. Your responses DO NOT impact your acceptance into the program. Instead, they are used to help determine worksite placement.

Writing Prompts

There are three writing prompts in the application. You are required to answer all three prompts:

Why do you want to participate in the Bloomberg Arts Internship? Please answer in two or three sentences.

Thinking back on your own experience, please tell us about a significant or memorable encounter you had with an artwork, book, or performance. Note that this need not have been a formal or ticketed experience--it could be listening to a choir, looking at a mural on the street, or reading to a sibling. Please answer in a few paragraphs (about 500 words).

Collaboration can be essential to success, creatively and professionally. Describe a time when you had to collaborate with a group on a school or art-related project. What challenges did you face? What did you learn as a result of that collaboration? Please answer in a few paragraphs (about 500 words).

Artistic Work Sample

If you have a sample of your artistic/creative work that you would like to share, you can upload it here. (Examples could include photos, paintings, poems, fiction or nonfiction, poetry, animations, videos, songs, etc.) If you are unable to upload your sample directly, you can email it to Artistic work samples are welcomed but NOT REQUIRED. Submitting an artistic work sample DOES NOT make you more likely to be invited to interview.


Academic Records

You will need to be able to upload a copy or photo of a current transcript OR last June's report card and a current report card. You will also need to upload an attendance record unless that information is available on your transcript. If you’re unable to upload your records, please send them to If we don’t receive your academic records, your application will be considered incomplete.

Survey Questions

Two brief essay questions about your plans for the future. Your responses do not affect your application and are only for survey purposes. All answers are kept completely confidential.


Think about your favorite supervisors, teachers, and mentors. Who are two people who would give you a good reference for this internship opportunity, and be able to speak about your creative and academic skills? Please provide their names and contact information below. Make sure you have their permission, first! Please note, this cannot be your parents/guardians. NOTE: If you are homeschooled and not sure who could be a reference, you can contact the Cultural Alliance for help at

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Still have questions? You can contact Tom Bonner at, or 215-399-3523 for help with getting your application started.