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TRG Arts Community Network: Philadelphia Formerly Audience Analytics

We‘re pleased to announce the next evolution of the Audience Analytics program – and its new name.  TRG Arts, our long-time partner and the powerhouse behind the data sharing and analytics, will now work directly with nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, and Delaware.

The TRG Arts Community Network: Philadelphia has grown over the past decade to include more than 60 participating arts and culture organizations and a shared arts patron database of over 2.4 million unique households. It is a tool for list trading and audience analytics.  It will help your organization to understand your existing audience better, and to reach out to likely prospects to expand your reach.  

Participating organizations pay a modest annual fee and upload audience data into the TRG Data Center.  TRG runs your data through NCOA hygiene quarterly and appends consumer demographic variables  to deepen your knowledge of your patrons.  TRG Data Center allows you to run reports, to benchmark your performance, and to conduct other analytics efficiently and easily.  You will learn how your audience compares to and crosses over with the audiences of other nonprofits – enabling collaborations in marketing and the development of new, high-potential prospects for your mailed promotions.  

TRG also has a new digital advertising partnership with MogoARTS, as an additional benefit.  

Learn more about the TRG Arts Community Network: Philadelphia here or email Sophia Hubeny at