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KOLE MADE is hiring immediately for a full-time position in our Brewerytown shop. The ideal candidate has at least 3+ years of continuous woodworking experience, mastery of hand tools, and some experience with woodshop machinery. We tend to hire team players who enjoy collaborating to meet mutual goals, and those who express specialty skills and interests. If you are well-organized, enjoy creative problem solving, and take initiative to meet project deadlines, we welcome you to apply.

Ideally, we are looking to hire a full-time salaried staff member who is interested in long-term work and growth opportunities. If hired, the position begins at an hourly part-time or full-time rate, and transitions to salary after a trial period of (1) month is satisfied. Although we appreciate and require woodworking experience, the incoming staff member must also be willing to learn our methodology and be flexible to our needs as a company, rather than adhere rigidly to one's own existing methodology--though we welcome perspective and suggestions.

Our custom projects include but are not limited to: cabinetry, built-in shelving, bathroom vanities, furniture pieces, and doors. Those with interests in design or leadership development are especially encouraged to apply. 

Education Level: 
3+ years experience in woodworking, 5+ years preferred
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Passion + compassion are our key ingredients at KOLE. We welcome members of all identity groups to apply, and foster a respectful, inclusive working environment. This position will remain open until it is filled, at which point we will adjust the listing on our website. We will be scheduling interviews on a rolling basis and recommend early submission. Applications received by May 15th will be given priority. 

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*Our shop, and the building we are housed in, are COVID-conscious and have appropriate safety measures in-place. 1st interviews will be conducted via Zoom, and 2nd interviews (if granted) are in the form of an on-site shop test.