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Senior Programming Manager

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Kimmel Center, Inc.

Summary:  The Senior Programming Manager is responsible for booking shows, events, and programs that meet the organization’s artistic, financial, and audience goals within the venues on the campus of the Kimmel Center, Inc. This position will also work with the Director of Programming and Presentations on booking and/or producing free programming, family shows, and the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, among others. The Programming Manager assists with all department functions and management of department budgets. 


Essential Functions:  

Researches and identifies artists appropriate for consideration for season-long programming. 

Works with Senior Director of Programming and Presentations to program and manage events that ensure an annual budget net goal of break-even or profit 

Primary Concentration in: Rock, Jazz, Pop, Latin music, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Adult Contemporary with general knowledge and experience in other commercial products such as Comedy, Family, and Dance 

Assists in all other phases of booking where necessary for special projects, including connecting with community partners and other Philadelphia entities 

Responsible for negotiating deals, artists’ fees, ticket prices, discounts, engagement expenses, and merchandising arrangements for all shows booked 

Responsible for the successful administration of all shows booked, including budget management and settlement, communication with Marketing, Box Office, Front of House and Production departments and day of show duties 

Assists Senior Director of Programming and Presentations in all aspects of department functions, administration and management of department budgets 

Maintains a high level of organization for the department as it relates to budgets, financial reports, board reports, sales and artist histories 

Strategizes with Programming, Development, Marketing Department, Group Sales, and PR to develop pricing plans, single ticket marketing budgets, selling tactics, targeted promotions, and outreach efforts to ensure achievement of fiscal year budget sales goals 

Works with local and national partners to develop community driven and/or educational programs while coordinating these efforts with both the Education and Development departments 

Works with Senior Director to develop FY Plan and manage the November and March forecasts for all KCP events. Responsible for maintaining sales history and budget actuals in FY Plan and to coordinate with Finance to make sure records are accurate and up to date 

Creates pro-formas for deal analysis and expected profit/loss on varying sales scenarios 

Develops relationships with community-based organizations and local artists to seek ways to engage the community and bring business to the Kimmel Center 

Develops and maintains relationships with local, national, and international artists, managers and agents and other venue contacts 

Attends industry conferences and meetings including APAP, IEBA and TIPCON; attends local and other relevant programming 

Protects KCI ethical and legal interests through contracts, insurance, and financial procedures 

Aligns customer service within KCI standards and practices 

Other relevant duties as assigned 

Education Level: 
Bachelors Preferred