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Head Start Family Services Provider

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Settlement Music School

About our Organization: 

Founded in 1908 Settlement Music School, a non-profit organization, is one of the largest community schools of the arts in the United States serving children and adults of all ages at five branches in Pennsylvania located in South, West and Northeast Philadelphia, Germantown, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, our partnership branch in Camden, New Jersey, and our newest virtual branch, Settlement Music Online. Settlement provides over $2.6 million dollars each year in financial aid and scholarships to 60% of its students. Settlement’s reach is broad, and it continues the principles of its Founders, that there be no barriers to participating in music and arts education.

About the Position: 

Qualifications: BS Social Work, knowledge of child development, experience in a preschool setting. Former administration experience and service coordination is required. The Family Services Provider works directly under the supervision of the Executive Director of Early Childhood Programming. Bilingual is preferred.

Responsibilities: This is an administrative position. The Family Services Provider (FSP) is responsible for working with families of all children including those with developmental disabilities or delays. The primary role of the FSP is to develop strong relationships with families to provide service coordination, support, and training to assist families in meeting the needs of their children and enhancing the parents’ role as the primary influencer on their child’s education and development. Duties include working with families in identifying and achieving goals; promoting positive parent-child relationships and interactions; and providing child development information. Data entry is a key component to maintaining compliance with our School District of Philadelphia Head Start grant. Consistent communication with the families regarding the health and well-being of their child while in our care is required.

INDEPENDENCE OF ACTION: This position exercises a high level of independent responsibility in performing job tasks and is responsible for using initiative and judgment to determine how to proceed with assignments and to determine the methods best suited to each task. Support is provided by the School District of Philadelphia, Assistant Director and Executive Director of Early Childhood Programming at Settlement.

 Family Services Provider ongoing duties:

  • Provides all documentation for licensing under PA Department of Human Services and PA Department of Education regulations.
  • Providing all state clearances. Child Abuse, Criminal and FBI.
  • Knowledge of and compliance with all Settlement Music School Personnel Policies and Head Start Performance Standards and NAEYC Accreditation Criteria. 
  • Participate in all school district HSSA meetings, while maintaining all policies and procedures required by our partner, School District of Philadelphia, and all outside agencies relating to family and child services.
  • Maintaining detailed, organized filing systems for child and family files. Keeping all documents and parent signatures up to date.
  • Ability to input child and family data in data entry systems,
  • Constant and timely communication with parents in early childhood programs. Serves as program liaison and coordinator for all outside agency services. 
  • Provides information to staff and parents regarding the availability and nature of social services available to families in Philadelphia. Assists in securing community and social services requested or needed by parents or staff.
  • Fully participates in IEP meetings and special needs coordination of services.
  • Keeps contact and or progress notes on families and children in the Kaleidoscope Programs and filed away.
  • Recruits, enrolls, and registers children for the Kaleidoscope Arts Enrichment Preschool and Arts After School programs in a timely manner.  
  • Collects and maintains all information required for all student records necessary for Kaleidoscope and Arts After School.  Communicates with parents on all issues relating to attendance and enrollment.
  • Assists in the classrooms with the approval of the Executive Director of Early Childhood.  Provides emergency classroom assistance for children. 
  • Conduct parent meetings, consistent parent involvement,
  • Prepares monthly newsletter for Kaleidoscope and Head Start. (Same newsletter)
  • Plans with the Executive Director of Early Childhood Programming professional development workshops and programs for parents.
  • Fully participates in special events, staff meetings, research projects, conference presentations or other assignments
  • Participation and contribution to program planning, and evaluation.  Seeks ongoing personal professional development and supports the professional development of co-workers.
  • Performs any duties and support services as assigned by the Executive Director of Early Childhood Programming necessary to sustain growth and improvement of all programs included in the early childhood initiatives of Settlement Music School.

The Family Services Provider will receive a written evaluation by the Executive Director of Early Childhood Programming at the end of each school year.

COVID-19 and Workplace Policy:

As of September 21, 2021, Settlement Music School requires that all on-site employees show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Medical and religious exemptions are reviewed on an individual basis.

The Family Services Provider position is considered an on-site position and services two locations in Philadelphia: South Philadelphia and Germantown.

Settlement Music School is an Equal Opportunity Employer that encourages candidates of all backgrounds to apply for this position. 

To Apply

To Apply: Please submit your cover letter and resume by email only to: Tarrell Davis at