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Glaze Team Member - Felt+Fat

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Felt+Fat seeks the newest addition to the glaze team, a dynamic unit of the design studio and manufacturer.

Glaze team member responsibilities 

  • Arrive to work promptly and check in with your lead regarding your duties for the day
  • Prep and QC your bisque wear. This includes sanding bisqueware
  • Mix up your glaze, take all specs required(SG and viscosity) and document them
  • Glaze all of your wares that you have been assigned to glaze. 
  • Wipe and stamp all your wares. The stamp must be clear and the stamp must be put in the correct spot. 
  • Assist in loading the kiln 
  • Clean your area and tools everyday 
  • Change the water for the drill as needed (approx once a week) 
  • Help your team members out on any remaining tasks
  • Be an active member of the Felt+Fat team. Fill in and help as needed, pay attention to what your lead is asking you to do and help them out when possible.
  • Put Glazes back in their designated spaces at the end of the day
  • Keep your spray booth and area clean and free of trash. This includes cleaning out the bucket under your spray booth when it is full. 
  • When spraying glaze or mixing glaze in the glaze lab it is mandatory to wear the 3M 6001 
  • Carts need to be kept clean and organized. The carts must be wiped down at the end of each day.
  • Bisqueware must be kept clean and organized.

About Felt+Fat Founded in 2013 from an organic design collaboration, today Felt+Fat is known for experimentation and innovation in ceramic tableware and home accessories. Our team is dedicated to excellence in domestic manufacturing and building a space that encourages empathy, learning, experimentation and growth – giving staff the opportunity to lead their own projects and take pride in the work they do. The Felt+Fat studio was born and continues today in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Like many ‘rust belt’ communities, this poverty stricken area was once a dense manufacturing center with a thriving middle class. As we move into the next chapter of our story, we are excited to build a world class ceramic factory that helps to change the narrative of our home while providing opportunity, joy and beauty to our neighborhood.

Education Level: 
Felt+Fat is pleased to hire staff from all education levels, whether that be a high school degree or a degree in the fine arts. If you have a reliable track history and the required skills for the job we look forward to hearing from you.
To Apply

Email with your cover letter and resume.