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Development Director

Philadelphia Folksong Society

The Development Director is responsible for ensuring the fiscal success and sustainability of the Philadelphia Folksong Society (PFS) by establishing a robust flow of non-programming revenue. In doing so, the Development Director executes on the vision of the Board of Directors to elevate the position of the Philadelphia Folksong Society as a mature 501(c)(3) organization.

The position reports to the Executive Director.

The position maintains standard work week hours; however, it requires some evening and weekend work, especially leading up to and during the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival.


  • Develop and maintain a multi-year plan with a highly detailed plan, including expense, revenue and resource budgeting for the current year. The following areas, at a minimum, will be addressed in the plan: Annual Appeal, non-annual appeal donations, grants, fundraising events, ‘earned revenue’ (including sponsorships, advertising, and Society merchandise), and membership (including possible revisions to PFS’s membership structures). The plan will also address how to define and deliver the Society’s “message” as a way to enhance the successful conduct of its mission.
  • Research grants thoroughly in order to craft creative, assured, and precise written communications to represent the Society in competitive granting, while developing and maintaining relationships with grantors.
  • Document the fiscal year development budget items, including the anticipated revenues, necessary expenses, resources (inclusive of Staff, Volunteers, Professionals, etc.) and basis of estimate for the submitted items. Manages –to-Budget including reporting out to BoD and Membership on metrics, goals, and plans.
  • Work strongly and in alignment with the Development Committee and ED to shape and execute on a strong, resilient, clear, and unified ‘message’ of the Society. Collaborates on follow through in all messaging ‘streams’ including “representing” the Society at internal and external events and providing “Society Outreach” at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.
  • Engage the full Philadelphia Folksong Society staff, board, committee members, and volunteers in development strategies & implementation
  • Provides agreement for Grants/Accounts Receivable upon execution, interim posting and all close out documentation (agreement, bills, costs, etc.) in one physical file during and at the conclusion of the life cycle of the agreement, and keeps and provides an active per activity report to assist with the allocation of efforts across programs for annual audit.
  • Work in conference with ED to sustain and building relationships with existing donors, and developing and implementing plans to expand donor circle.
  • Craft recognition for the following areas to be signed by ED: Donors, Donations of assets, pledges, grants, etc.
  • Serve as an ambassador representing the Society and maintain both a general knowledge of and ability to articulate fundraising priorities across all areas of the organization at local and regional events.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

As part of a limited team all employees of the Philadelphia Folksong Society are expected to support the organization in a team approach, lending support as needed to projects and activities that may not fall within the described scope of the position. These additional duties, and any revision of this job description are at the discretion of the Executive Director.

To Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements to