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Chief Financial Officer

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania

  • Consistent with the Strategic Plan, prepare each year’s annual operating and capital budgets, work collaboratively with the President and Executive Team and with department heads to identify program needs and options that transcend annual funding; provide staff support to the Board Planning and Finance Committee in budget review and monitoring,
  • Monitor on-going program and financial developments relative to the approved budgets; develop monthly reports of actual vis-à-vis approved amounts, identify actual and potential variances from authorized plans, prepare monthly reports to the Executive Team and the Board Planning and Finance Committee and develop options as needed for the President and Board to respond to significant variances,
  • Assure compliance with accounting standards and with statutory and regulatory provisions, coordinate the work of independent and governmental auditors, including preparation of annual Financial Statements and supporting materials for the independent auditors, respond appropriately to auditors’ recommendations, and fulfill related functions with HSP management and staff and with the Board Audit Committee,
  • Appropriate “best practices” financial, administrative and operational policies and procedures (e.g. purchasing, time recording, accounts payable and receivable, travel, cash advances, bank reconciliations, inventory control, etc.) to assure effective, efficient and appropriate recording and use of the Society’s financial and other assets,
  • Review and approve the financial elements and participate in the negotiation of all contracts and other binding agreements with funding agencies and interface with legal counsel as appropriate,
  • Serve as primary liaison with outside accountants, banks and investment and law firms,
  • Serve as staff liaison and support for the Board Audit, Board Planning and Finance, and Board Investment committees,
  • Promote, solicit from HSP staff, and analyze new revenue opportunities, determining their soundness and facilitating their implementation,
  • Develop and implement personnel policies and procedures for compensation (rates of pay and related benefits), employment conditions and practices, time reporting and oversight, and related “best practices” in human resource management,
  • Serve as the direct contact for all personnel matters, including onboarding and termination, benefit participation and administration, and the annual review process,
  • Annually, with the President, determine rates of pay for Society personnel,
  • Develop and administer group health, life and disability insurances and retirement plans,
  • Assure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to HSP as an employer, utilizing legal counsel as required,
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for the Society’s IT infrastructure (including security and the two third-party contractual vendors),
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for the Society’s security, building integrity and physical plant, including the third-party contractual vendor (to assure compliance with all federal, state and local licensing and regulations),
  • Manage the Facilities department to facilitate cleaning, opening/closing, snow removal, repairs, deferred maintenance and capital improvements,
  • Represent the Society externally and
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

He/she must have an understanding of FASB accounting standards, knowledge of IRS regulations and excellent computer skills.  CFO must have strong written and verbal communication skills.  CPA and non-profit background preferred.

Education Level: 
Master of Business Administration or Bachelor’s degree in Finance (or related field) and least ten years of significant business or accounting experience required.
To Apply

Please Send VIA EMAIL to  SUBJECT LINE: Chief Financial Officer

  • Letter of Introduction (that specifies how your experience, knowledge and skills match the identified duties, responsibilities, and requirements of this position)
  • Your Resume
  • Contact info for 3 Professional References