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Our Implicit Bias Scan Begins

This past fall we announced the launch of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Affinity Group and future plans to conduct an implicit bias scan of our external programming and internal practices. We are happy to announce that we have selected Rosalyn J. McPherson and The ROZ Group as our consultant for this project. The ROZ Group is a “strategic marketing/communications firm that offers a spectrum of services” that are educational, content rich, and most importantly foster intercultural understanding.

They take a relationship-based approach to their work and will be conducting interviews and focus groups with a wide cohort of stakeholders including members, strategic partners, tickets buyers, and many more groupings. The ROZ Group has worked with many local organizations including The African American Museum in Philadelphia, Visit Philly, and the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

Work on the bias scan has already begun and the results of the scan will be shared later this spring. We look forward to addressing any blind spots that are uncovered by this study and sharing our lessons learned with the sector. It is our hope that the results of this scan and our continued work with our DEI Affinity Group will inform our future diversity, equity, and inclusion programming.