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Festival Will Launch Norristown Arts Hill

(April 13, 2010) - After a year of planning, a new cultural district, the Norristown Arts Hill, will be launched in Norristown on Saturday, April 24th.  A street festival on DeKalb Street, in the heart of the new district, will be a day long celebration featuring music, performing arts, crafts and ethnic foods.

Since May 2009, a group of community leaders and volunteers have been meeting regularly to plan for the creation, launch and sustainability of a cultural district. After initial information gathering and organizing, the Norristown Arts Council (NAC) was formed in December to oversee the creation and continued support of the district.

NAC and local officials expect Norristown Arts Hill to be a tool for neighborhood and economic revitalization in the downtown.  The group wants to recruit nonprofit arts groups, creative businesses, individual artists, as well a complementary businesses (restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, etc.) to the district.

The Norristown Arts Hill Launch Festival will take place from 10:00am to 5:00pm on April 24th.

For more information about Norristown Arts Hill:

                                                                             Gabriela Ibarra Prete
                                                                             Business Development Coordinator
                                                                             Norristown Municipality
                                                                             Phone: 484-614-0393