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Cultural Alliance participates in Arts, Community and Economic Development Workshop

On Saturday, February 21, 2009, Julie Hawkins, Vice-President of Cultural Policy and Nancy DeLucia, County Outreach Manager took part in a daylong workshop at the School for Social Change at Eastern University.

The workshop, Arts, Community and Economic Development Workshop: Artists and Arts Collaborating for Civic Growth and Social Responsibility was a collaborative effort of Eastern University, the Cultural Alliance and the BuildaBridge Institute.       
The workshop explored asset-based approaches to the arts in community and economic development, focusing on the cultural sector’s contributions to the region's economy and cultural development, the practical steps and models for assessing the needs and assets of a community, out-of-the-box cultural development, and the basics of organizational best practices.

The Program:
The Big Picture: Professional and Community Arts in the Philadelphia Region. Economic growth, creative economy and community development - Julie Hawkins, Vice President of Public Policy, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

How Collaborations Work.  How are artists and arts organizations collaborating and working with community organizations for change? - Nancy DeLucia, County Outreach Manager, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
Creative Strategies for Development - Find out what a successful entrepreneur does for economic development - Robert V. Peters, RVP Consulting

Assessing Community Needs -  Discover a quick and dirty way of assessing community needs before doing formal assessments - Coz Crosscombe, Director of Network Partnerships, CityNet Ministries, Common Grace

Organizational Best Practices - Learn about basic budgeting, accountability, and grant/board reporting -   Dr. J. Nathan Corbitt, President, BuildaBridge