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Get a Customized Economic-Impact Report!

The Cultural Alliance’s Agenda: Prosperity report documents the $4.1 billion impact that arts and culture has on Philadelphia’s regional economy. This aggregate data is essential to the Cultural Alliance's advocacy efforts so we can make a strong case for the arts to elected officials and civic leaders.

But in addition to the region-wide and city-level reports we use for our advocacy efforts, the Alliance can also create customized economic-impact reports for specific cultural organizations. These individualized reports provide key indicators such as organizational and audience spending, FTE jobs, resident household income, state and local tax revenue, and total economic impact.

The data from our last Prosperity report is over five years old. A new customized Prosperity report is a powerful tool to quantify your organization's specific economic impact to its key stakeholders: board, donors, audiences, etc. The report can be used to support grant applications, sponsorship requests and individual donor communications, and it provides interesting content for your newsletter, blog and social media. 

Reserve a customized Prosperity report for your organization for just $125. Here's an example of a customized 2012 report for your reference (the 2017 report won't have this design, but the data points will be the same).

Order your organization's customized Prosperity report today! If you have any questions, contact Kristen Vinh at