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Join Spiral Q and Arch Street United Methodist Church for an Arts Activism Forum

On February 17, join Spiral Q and Arch Street United Methodist Church for a forum around Art Activism: Animating Antiracism Advocacy.

Arch Street United Methodist Church created its forum series to engage the broader Philadelphia community around important and diverse topics. The forums are a way for the public to learn about and experience diverse and fascinating subjects that are important to its community. The upcoming forum Animating Anti Racism Advocacy is the second forum in its Art Activism thematic track (there are three other thematic tracks on American Myths, Interrupting Injustice, and Community Mixtapes).

In the first Art Activism forum, Arch Street explored the power of art and artists to send a message for justice in a way that reaches deep into people's hearts. In addition, participants also learned about the important role that religion and spirituality have played in the history of protest art, from music to painting.

For its second forum, Arch Street is inviting Spiral Q, a previous collaborator, to present about using art and storytelling to pursue racial justice. According to Rachel Ternes, the community organizer at Arch Street, the pursuit of racial justice is central in Arch Street's social justice work, and with the timing of Black History Month, and the success of Spiral Q's recent Peoplehood parade honoring the Black Lives Matter movement, it was a perfect topic for collaboration.

In addition, this year for Martin Luther King Jr. day, Arch Street borrowed banners that Spiral Q created for the Peoplehood parade to fill its sanctuary in memory of the many Black Americans killed by state violence, and reaffirm its commitment to ending that injustice. The banners provided a backdrop for the Leadership Assembly of POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild), and Mayor Kenney's address to the assembly.

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