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Help Make Pennsylvania Safer for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Contact Your House Representatives Today!

Pennsylvania Walks and Bikes needs your help making Pennsylvania a safer place for cyclists and pedestrians. Early next week, the Pennsylvania House is going to vote on a transportation bill. According to the PA Walks and Bikes website, "This is our state's best shot to adequately fund tranportation, including bicycling and walking projects, for the foreseeable future." This legislation would provide funding to repair roads and bridges and would help provide the first-ever dedicated investment in pedestrian and bicylce transportation.

You can help this organization by contacting your House representatives to let them know this issue is important to you as a constituent. You can do this by:

1. Send this email action letter to your House representative.
2. Call your representative's office and deliver the same message.

Here in Philadelphia, so many people don't have cars and often walk or bike around the city. This House bill would also include $495 million designated for public transit (which would include SEPTA).