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Cultural Alliance Joins Statewide Coalition to Encourage Gubernatorial Candidates to Develop Cultural Policy Agendas

The Cultural Alliance has been working with cultural agencies from around the state to ensure that arts and culture is part of the discussion during the gubernatorial campaign.


With campaign season in full swing, the cultural community across the state has been working to ensure that both Governor Corbett and Tom Wolf share their positions on the issues relating to arts and culture. In September we submitted a policy guide to both the Corbett and Wolf campaigns, detailing the reasons that they should develop a policy agenda and what should be included.

The organizations who served as part of this statewide coalition include:

  • Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania
  • Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
  • Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
  • Pennsylvania Humanities Council
  • PA Museums
  • Pennsylvania Arts Education Network
  • Pennsylvania Association of Travel & Tourism

This was a great effort on behalf of the seven organizations that worked together to create this document and showed that Pennsylvania's cultural community stands united in our desire to know what the next four years will bring for our sector. We will continue to press the candidates to develop their policy agendas in the coming weeks and will share the answers that we receive.