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Let Your Elected Officials Know That Arts and Culture Matter!

GroundSwell needs your help reaching out to our elected officials to let them know that the arts and culture sector is vital to our city.

GroundSwell recently created a petition to let our leaders know how important arts and culture, parks, and libraries are to neighborhoods throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. This petition is asking Mayor Nutter, Philadelphia City Council, Delaware City Council, and Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester County Commissioners to pledge to work together to create a dedicated public fund to provide a sustainable and reliable investment in these very important quality of life resources.

We already have over 200 signatures, but we know we can bring that number up with your help! In polling conducted earlier this year, 3 out of 4 voters said they would support a dedicated fund and, in September, Mayor Nutter publicly stated that he wants to help establish a dedicated regional fund before his term ends. To those of you who have already signed, we send our deepest thanks. Please feel free to share the petition with your friends and help us spread the word.

We are also proud to say that thanks to the work of many tireless individual advocates, political leaders, and organizations such as Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania, our state now has an Arts & Culture Caucus, which has become the largest caucus in our state capital of Harrisburg! Be sure to check our most current list of caucus members to find out whether your senators and legislators have joined the caucus. If they have not, we encourage you to contact them and ask them to join.

To stay informed about issues affecting these quality of life resources, and to find ways to volunteer and advocate with us, be sure to join the GroundSwell email list and help us Do Something Good For a Change!