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Future: Forward - Signals of Change in Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

This year, the Cultural Alliance is launching Future: Forward, a new initiative to use strategic foresight in thinking about how our members and sector can prepare for the future in the next ten years and beyond.

On February 25, we'll host "Rehearsing the Future," where we will present scenarios of what the future could be for arts and culture in Greater Philadelphia, and ask for your feedback. In preparation for that event, our staff is  scanning the news for signs of change, not just in arts and culture, but around key themes outside of our sector, such as technology, the economy, politics, demographics, employment trends and more.  

From now until "Rehearsing the Future," we’ll be sharing these future signals with you through our blogFacebookTwitter and CultureWire newsletter, and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us.

Signals of Future Change - Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: 

Here are some signals of change we've collected to think about how progress in diversity, inclusion and equity will impact the future of arts and culture.

An artist stopped traffic on an Ohio freeway to host a citywide dinner. How else can arts & culture engage communities, even when the communities themselves are so disconnected?

According to US Census data, there is a pervasive pattern of white population gains in the nation's largest cities. How will this affect diversity in urban arts hubs like Philadelphia?

Berlin models how cities can push back against gentrification and keep housing affordable. Will we start to see these methods applied closer to home?

The next tech boom could be products for the elderly and their caregivers. How will arts & culture keep this population engaged as people are living longer?

The tech industry's big gender diversity push is about one year in. How will this push affect or influence other industries?

Diversity is an ongoing challenge for arts institutions and audiences. Will the trend continue, or reverse?

New York City museums risk funding cuts if they don't report on their institution's racial and ethnic diversity. Will other city, state, and national funders cut or reduce funding to organizations that lack diversity on staff and board? Will actions like this force organizations to address their diversity problems? How can we recruit for more diversity at all levels in the arts & culture sector today?