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Boston Arts Advocate Cites Cultural Alliance Research

Boston Globe op-ed makes the case for investment in cultural vibrancy

Philip W. Lovejoy of the Boston Center for the Arts had an opinion piece in yesterday's Boston Globe calling on the city of Boston to "invest more fully in artistic community" and to do more to retain artists and cultural administrators. 

To help make the case, Lovejoy cites the Cultural Alliance's 2012 research report, Arts, Culture and Economic Prosperity in Greater Philadelphia, which found that the region's cultural sector has a $3.3 billion economic impact on the region.  Because I never get sick of typing that number, here the relavent part of the article: 

Other cities that have recognized the value of the arts have benefited greatly. In 2012, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance reported that the arts and cultural sector had a $3.3 billion impact on the region, due in large part to a conscious investment in arts and artists in the community. 

$3.3 billion. Economic impact. Arts and Culture. There, I said it again.