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Apply to be an Organization for Drexel's MBA Consulting Residency at Drexel LeBow

The MBA “Leading for Innovation” consulting residency is a 3.5-day intensive course that allows students to work as consultants for a real organization while also supporting and experiencing aspects of social impact, civic engagement, and community involvement.

In this short timeframe, graduate business students in the Accelerated MBA programs are tasked with evaluating, analyzing, and building a series of recommendations that address various aspects within a nonprofit organization – challenges or projects an organization determines to be areas in need of assistance or perspective. Students work in teams and are asked to build an integrated set of recommendations that cover overall strategy through to specific and realistic executable tasks, taking into account the capacity of the business to actually utilize those recommendations. 

For more information or to receive an application, please contact Rebekka Shepherd at or 215-895-1750. Applications are due by April 7, 2017.  Find more information about the program here