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Creative Workforce Grants Available in Philadelphia

Philadelphia's Office Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, in conjunction with the Department of Commerce, announced a new grant program to support job creation in the creative sector.

The $500,000 grant program will include the nonprofit arts and culture community as well as for-profit arts, entertainment and creative businesses.  The program, as described by Chief Cultural Officer Gary Steuer - "is part of the Office's larger strategy to nurture and develop this sector by providing specific programs and resources to the creative industries. This grant program also intersects with The Commerce Department’s business services, neighborhood development, business attraction and job creation efforts."  

What kind of projects will these grants support?  A packed crowd of interested applicants attended this meeting Monday with the same question.  Specifically, the grant - ranging from $20,000-$100,000 - will provide funding for the construction or renovation of permanent offices or facilities linked to job creation (including permanent jobs, and temporary construction, installation, architectural and engineering jobs).

The application deadline is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2009, and organizations must apply online through eContractPhilly (Opportunity # 21091112130103).

Applicants must demonstrate:

  • the project can start within three months from the award date
  • meet federal CDBG (Community Development Block Grand) eligibility, which means the project is located in a low/moderate income neighborhood, serving a low/moderate income customer, or creating low/moderate income jobs.

Eligible applicants include:

  • nonprofit arts and cultural organizations
  • community development corporations
  • for-profit creative businesses
  • microenterprises
  • other businesses and organizations that meet the guidelines

Information from Monday's Q&A session has been posted at