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The Honorable Al Taubenberger

Councilman At-Large, Philadelphia City Council

A Philadelphian born and raised, Councilman-at-Large Al Taubenberger was sworn into office on Jan. 4, 2016. As a freshman council member he serves as Chair of the Committee on Aging as well as Vice-Chair of Global Opportunities and the Creative/Innovative Economy. Councilman Taubenberger proudly serves on more committees than any other member of City Council including the Committee on Rules, Committee on Streets and Services, Committee on Licenses and Inspections, Committee on Labor and Civil Service, Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, Committee on Commerce and Economic Development, Committee on Transportation and Public Utilities, Committee on Public Health and Human Services, Committee on Public Safety, Committee on Housing, Neighborhood Development and the Homeless, Committee on the Environment, Committee on the Disabled and Persons with Special Needs. Before Councilman Taubenberger took office he served for more than two decades as the President of the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. He served as President of the Burholme Civic and Town Watch. He was a leading member of the Philadelphia Jobs Commission, the Philadelphia Tax Reform Commission, Northeast Victims Services, Resource Board of the School District of Philadelphia, St. Hubert’s High School Board of Directors, Philadelphia Parking Authority, the Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Philadelphia Zoning Code Commission, Wesley Enhanced Living and the Nazareth Hospital Foundation Board. Councilman Taubenberger has years of government experience having served for former US Congressman Charles Dougherty, City Councilwoman Joan Krajewski and City Councilman Jack Kelley. Councilman Taubenberger is an alumnus of Northeast High School in Philadelphia as well as Pennsylvania State University and has devoted his life to improving our city. He is married to Joanne Taubenberger with four children – Matthew, Elisabeth, Sarah and William.