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John Brady

President & Chief Executive Officer, Independence Seaport Museum

John Brady has 32 years of experience working in the Maritime Preservation Field. During that time he has worked at South Street Seaport, Philadelphia Maritime Museum, Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild, and Independence Seaport Museum. Before becoming CEO, John was Director of Independence SeaportMuseum’s Workshop on the Water for 16 years, bringing the Workshop to national prominence as a boatbuilding and maritime education center.

In addition, he serves as an authority on boat and ship construction on the Delaware River and along the New Jersey coast. He has been an active sailor of traditional boats (a wide variety of vessels) for 48 years. He has been published in Wooden Boat Magazine as well as authoring a website and several blogs ( He has been invited to speak at numerous regional historical societies. He credits his education to Ocean County College and Rutgers University.